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The 1111codes frequency connects the intergalactic interdimensional awakening experience with the grounded experience of embodiment on planet earth at this time.

In attempts to provide a logical structure to our experience of reality, the paradigm or systems thinking of linear time has been long established as the conception of time of mainstream global culture.

Yet, there are other concepts of time that humans inhabit - circular conceptions of time in which everything is happening at once, the past, the future and the present interact in a dance of meaning that often cuts across the way many of our linear time trained brains interpret space and time.


There are still many languages and cultures that hold these increasingly non-mainstream concepts of reality which is a key reason why indigenous language revitalization has been a key interest and focus of the energy of 1111codes portal.

At the moment, the question feels present:

How can this expansiveness of this conception of reality be served by a structured entity that can support intergalactic explorations of consciousness grounded in earth honoring ways?

Starting on 11/11/2023 we are launching a deep dive to answer this question and creation of an entity that can be the vessel for the cosmic seeds this frequency is tending. 

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Rooted in cosmic collaborations  & full of co-creative spirit, MAB of initiates the collective consciousness through the seeding of high impact inter-dimensional experiences and collaborations.

In addition to sharing tools to manage existence at this time, we are also focused on develop community and building rainbow bridges across spacetime through deeply connected mutual aid and reciprocity initiatives.



we offer an evolving portal to the awakening frequency.

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