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Intro to NFTs

Based on research and experience in the fast growing NFT space in 2021, MAB of shared learnings with the Taos community offering a presentation 'Intro to NFTs' highlighting opportunities for artists and community building. Co-sponsored by UNM Taos HIVE.

The event featured a presentation followed by an interactive game.

The prize for the game was this amazing Honey Bee NFT by Corey Dimond, Motion Artist and Taos High Graduate.

To watch the presentation below, please note the mute button is actually tiny music notes in the right corner.

To access the resource link list in the video visit

NFT Trading Game Prize


Honey Bee NFT

by Corey Dimond 
Motion Graphics Artist at Motion Picture Company
IG @Yeah_Corey

See the Honey Bee NFT edition of 3 on Opensea

Programs used on Honey Bee:

Zbrush to sculpt the Bee Head and adjust the model
Substance Painter to texture the model
C4d w/ Redshift to arrange everything, animate, generate hair, and Render
Xparticles plugin for the honey
Forester plugin for flowers
Daz3d for the female body model
and of course Photoshop and After Effects.  

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