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While these 1111codes have deeper and wider resonance behind this corner of their expression in the multiverse, the frequency steward and human vessel behind this expression of the universe in human is MAB.

From the lens of her participation in open source software communities and past work for a rights-based forestry organization,  MAB believes that listening, learning, and co-creating with earth honoring cultures is one of the most critical partnerships for healing our collective heart and regenerating mother earth.  In addition to walking in service to elders and producing high vibe community events, she also practices pendulum divination with essential oils and flower essences and seeds vibrations in her travels with a sacred geometry portal.  As a claircognizant starseed hummingbird who is actively working to bridge earth and cosmic realms in service of deeper connection, awakening, and a higher resonance of heart energy on planet earth.

At, we offer an evolving portal to the awakening frequency with cosmic collaborations, interactive web experiences, magic spray divination, and high vibration events.   

Photo of the artist
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