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Magic Spray Divination

Channelling with a pendulum a custom blend of essential oils, sacred waters, flower essences, and crystal allies is one of the core heart offerings. With the ability to hold an intention for transformation.  Your bespoke Space time mist is an enhancer of the highest vibration of cosmic energy and facilitates the embodiment of your hearts intention whenever you spray it. 

Pendulum Divination Process

We will open the space with a prayer of gratitude to mother earth for introducing us to so many powerful plant, flower and crystal beings. 


The co-creation begins with an affirming of intention and a calling in of guides, helping spirits, and the divine codes of the Great Mother. 


Then the channelling begins where the essential oils & flower essences are arranged and selected for an energetic match by pendulum.


Messages from spirit, plant allies often come through the space time and will be shared as they come through if they are asking to be voiced. 


After the components of the space time mist have emerged, the formula is then divined by pendulum selecting for the number of drops of each element. 


A spray is created to hold the frequency in a base of well water & hydrosol and a crystal is added to each bottle. 


After the channelling, you will receive a package containing the formula of your space time mist to connect further with the medicine of your plant, flower and gem allies.  

We also do magic spray divinations for groups at an event and can weave a signature blessings spray that matches the etheric vibe needed for an individual  event. 

The spray can be used as an auric field refresher and clearer and is designed to create an energetic shift in the moment without a lasting scent like a perfume. 

Scheduling & Energy Exchange

The power of a custom channelled spray to reset and align the cosmic energy with your intention is something that is hard to explain unless you have experienced it. It can really shift, align and morph your energy signature in incredible ways. 

We create magic sprays remotely with intention and connection to your field or we can co-create in person. In person availability at our magic dome in Taos New Mexico or arranged with travel covered to other locations. We will also share when we will be traveling to larger cities like NYC or the Bay Area if folks are interested.


Our suggested energy exchange for the magic spray divination varies on the specific circumstances: individual, small group, large event and if it is remotely channelled, in person in Taos, or in person travel required. 

Let us know the details of how we can support you with our magic spray divinations and we will respond with customized options for making it happen. 

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