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High Vibration Events

Creating a vision to hold powerfully transformative space for groups is a key ingredient in bring about growth, evolution, and fostering connections in service to cosmic convergence on this earthly plane. 

Our frequency flows in the presence of groups. We specialize in many aspects of gathering with intention from the central theme of activating and awakening.

Forest Magic

It's all happening! Photo by Sensual Surrealism

Divination & Event Magic

Pendulum divination at Pussy Powerhouse @ Meow Wolf Taos Vortex. Photo by Allison Pharmakis

Circle with Eda

Visioned and produced a special event in Los Angeles 2018 during visit from Peruvian cuarandera, Eda Zavala Lopez

Disco Cloaks

Intergalactic Chaos Krewe New Orleans, 2017

Alchemists Fundraiser

Opening blessing at Alchemists Event benefiting Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico. NYC 2017. Photo by Aurora & John

Calling All Occupants

Co-visioning UFO landing and intergalactic event afterparty series for Drupal Community. 2016-2018

Event Visioning

Gathering of humans at this time is a key opportunity to bring through magic, healing, wonder and joy to earth. We provide visionary services to help activate and land your dream gathering from the outer reaches of the multiverse to earth. 

Magic Spray Station

We can align our offerings of magic sprays and pendulum divination to fit in with the style and theme of existing events.  The immediacy and power of limbic experience elevates and enhances any gathering, conference, festival or celebration. 


We specialize in planning individual and group travel and retreat experiences geared towards magical exploration of space & place geared towards local investment, respectful reciprocity and indigenous owned endeavors.

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