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Cosmic Collaborations

A collaboration with visionary artist Diego Romay, seeded the visionary geometry anchoring the awakening vibration that is associated with 11:11. Cocreation is a core vibration of this frequency and continues to be a force of the flow of energy. 

Activating our visual senses to connect with our spirit's latent knowledge by resonant sacred geometry to acellerate awakening to interdimensional awareness. 

Sometimes there come through collaborations that feel as though they are meant to serve the larger collective. 

The portal is one of these channelled collaborations that is called to serve in new and unique ways the planet. 

Stemming from this profound collaboration, we have co-created with Chaise Noir to bring into space and place in the form of a cosmic cushion. 

We also have some exciting collaborations in the planning stages that we feel will be amazing additions to the frequency. 

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