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Rainbow Circle ~ Tuntiak Tentee

These earrings came from an experience of a waterfall ceremony at one of the waterfalls of the SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls. At the base of the waterfall, there was the most incredible rainbow forming a circle above and below the water. It was a full circle rainbow moment. A few months later after learning about the founding of Artesanias Tuntiak, we received a follow up vision of these earrings. These represent a direct connection with the natural world and the native peoples who have been living in the Amazon. We are honored to share them via special pre-order

Origin of the Rainbow Circle Earrings

These earrings - Rainbow Circle or Tuntiak Tentee in SHUAR language - are a cosmic collaboration with Artesanias Tuntiak of the SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls.

Since the turning of the cosmic wheel in 2012, we have been connected with SHUAR Uwishin, Natem of the SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls. In 2012, we were introduced to Natem and remained connected and developed a friendship via phone until we finally met in person in 2017. In June of 2019, we visited Natem’s SHUARr of the Sacred Waterfalls community for the UWI NAMPER ceremony marking the opening of the Natema Jee Shuar Cultural Center. We were honored to support the project as we believe that native peoples such as the SHUAR hold an incredible connection to mother earth and how to regenerate our relationship the world at this time. Please visit Natem's website to learn more about SHUAR culture, UWI NAMPER and the Natema Jee Shuar Cultural Center.  

During this trip, we visited one of the Sacred Waterfalls and participated in a TSAANK (sacred tobacco) ceremony at the waterfall. At the base of the waterfall, we saw an amazing circular rainbow extending both above and below the water. This was a profound moment and powerful experience to be fully immersed in a rainbow circle. This powerful rainbow transmission stayed with us and returned to us as a divine message from the sacred plants of the SHUAR to create a physical representation of this rainbow circle. When we received the vision, Carlina - Natem's niece who was also at the same waterfall - was starting up Artesanias Tuntiak with Natem's support.

We shared the vision and Carlina was excited to collaborate and created the earrings in two designs: Jungle (green background) & Waterfall (blue background).


These earrings represent honoring and supporting mother earth, SHUAR culture and the rainbow frequency that seeded the energy that day at the waterfall. We recommend that anyone who feels connected to this rainbow frequency to consider wearing a representation of this portal that connects directly to the jungle.



Artesanias Tuntiak

Carlina Nogera of SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls 

Artesanias Tuntiak was created thanks to Mother Nature, in which it was seen at the waterfall ceremony along the path of UWI NAMPER. All designs are created within our Amazon in which we enter a healthy world, in which we fill ourselves with many ideas to be able to make our designs based on nature. I am a SHUAR woman who wishes that the world knows our culture with the support of each one of you. 


Artesanias tuntiak fue creado gracias a la madre naturaleza , en la cual fue visto en la ceremonia de la cascada en el trayecto de UWI NAMPER. Todo diseño es creado dentro de nuestra Amazonia en la cual entramos a un mundo sano ,en la cual nos llenamos de muchas ideas para poder realizar nuestros diseños basado en la naturaleza. Soy una mujer SHUAR que deseo que el mundo conozca nuestra cultura el apoyo de cada uno de ustedes. 


Rainbow Circle Pre-Order Details


We are offering these earrings at a sliding scale of $111 - $55 dollars.

100% of the funds from the pre-sale will go to Carlina after we cover money transfer fees and shipping costs.  


The pre-order will allow Carlina to purchase supplies for first edition of the Rainbow Circle and also travel deeper in the jungle to gather the seeds needed for additional pieces in the Artesanias Tuntiak line which is an essential step in the SHUAR cultural preservation work that Natem is leading in his community. 


Due to the international shipping considerations and coordination aspects needed to share this frequency, we will be taking pre-order pledges until we reach 11 committed participants. Then we will move forward with requesting payment and production. We will be using silver for the earring hooks to insure that they can be worn by people who have sensitivity to metals. 


We estimate that this will take several months and we will be sending updates on the process to all of those who join us in the rainbow circle of bringing this portal to life in this form. If you are ordering these as a gift, we can send out an email update to the recipient and include them on the update emails as the process continues. Each large pair takes 7-8 hours for an understanding of the timing.  

Our featured style is the large circle and it is featured below on the left. You can chose three colors, blue (representing water / sky), green (representing the jungle) and brown (representing the mountains).  If you would like a medium or smaller style please specify in the pre-order form below. 

Rainbow Jungle (large)

Rainbow Jungle (large)

Rainbow Water / Sky (medium)

Rainbow Water / Sky (medium)

Rainbow Mountain (small)

Rainbow Mountain (small)

Pre-Order for First Edition Tuntiak Tentee (Rainbow Circle) 

This form secures your spot in the pre-order. When we reach 11 orders we will contact you to arrange payment via Paypal or Venmo and the production process will start. 

Yuminksame (Thank you). We will be in touch soon with next steps and request payment after we have recieved the minimum of 11 orders.

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