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Purple Coast

Space time mist that invokes the energy of the western gate of this continent. 

In 2022, we are excited to release an NFT edition of Purple Coast and more information as well as a video of our presentation on the art is lower down on this page. 

Purple Coast is one of the first space time mists we created for the collective field in 2014. The energy signature of this formula connects us to earlier days of our experience of connecting deeper to our intuition when we spent time on the west coast.

During this time we encountered an incredible purple sand beach which inspired the name and the energy imprint of this space time mist.  


Many people at this time are experiencing deep shifts in consciousness, we were called into our archives to bring this energy out in a bigger way.

Have an interaction that creates an energy that is not resonant with you? Mist! 

Collecting your energy to do a brave act? Mist!

Setting an intention for your reality? Mist! 


At the purple sand beach that inspired the name of the space time mist meeting some stone sculpture art - 11/11/2014

Let's go to the purple coast....

Purple Coast NFT Minting process

For a snapshot of the minting process, please see this step by step recording by Joe @arithmetric. 

IMG_0349 1.JPG

Learn more about the history of our experience at the Purple Coast and the inspiration behind the space time mist by watching the recording of our Origin Story event.

As part of our experiment to share Purple Coast on many different frequencies, we have created an photography NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain inspired by the Purple Coast beach that is connected to a claimable spray

Mist Me

Origin Story Event Recordings

The Origin story event was also an opportunity for us to showcase some of the technical background of the project. It has been a great honor to collaborate with Joe @arithmetric who we have known for ten years. Joe's presentation is below and he provides some great background on NFT space and building out a smart contract. 

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