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this is IT 


A request of the reader: be open. 


There is so much we don’t know about our world, our existence, what happens when we die, how are we connected to the others around us. Are coincidences random or key moments that are dreamed to guide us in the endless cosmic soup?


At the center of everything is the current moment - this is IT! Right now, in this moment we have the ability to create, envision and BE. 


While it is not always the easy path, approaching each moment with LOVE and humble UNDERSTANDING of the magic and beauty of this world - including the DARK & the LIGHT has the potential to create a powerful shift. 





There are many concepts of time and experience unfolding. 


Everyone has the capacity within them to access different levels of consciousness through practices, dreams and our connection to earth and cosmos. 


Yes, you. All 100 billion neurons and marvel of existence that you are on this planet. 

With abilities beyond what many of us have yet to access. 


Our DNA and our cells share many attributes with other creatures, species and when we connect with molecules from plants to stones our consciousness can be activated in different ways. 

it’s all HAPPENING 


In attempts to provide a logical structure to our experience of reality, the paradigm or systems thinking of linear time has been long established as the norm of the western world. 


Yet, there are other concepts of time that humans inhabit - circular conceptions of time in which everything is happening at once, the past, the future and the present interact in a dance of meaning that often cuts across the way many of our linear time trained brains interpret space and time. 


Being open to the possibility of a circular and transcendent expression of existence. 

Channelled Visions


Live in the flow of love

Honor mother earth

The universe is greater than our experience

Synchronicity is the engine of cosmic unfolding

Time and space are not constant

Progress is not linear and neither is time 

Curate your energy field because it can be amplified

The universe is filled with love and light & shadow & darkness

Existence is a dance of balance

We are all one connected ball of interrelated energy 

Dream reality into creation

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