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NFT Collections 

Flirty Flowaz on Solana 

A fun and quirky collection featuring our original flower photography mashed up with blockchain slang.

Launched in Fall 2021 on Solana. Visit the collection page to see the Flowaz available. 

Connect with us on twitter @flirtyflowaz

1.png Cryptoart on OpenSea

This exploratory collection offered by on the ETH blockchain at OpenSea is an eclectic mixture of:

  • scanned 35 mm photographs taken from 1997-2015 focusing on the turn of the millenium New York City and the surrounding vertical hemisphere where it arrises by MAB

  • photography style we prefer to use is called light painting 

  • digital photographs evocative of interdimensional awakening experiences

The intention of this collection is to raise gas money in the form of ETH to list an in progress cryptoart upcoming art experience on the blockchain. We look forward to deepen from photography to offer multimedia immersive experiences towards stimulating and activating the heart field of the beholder. 

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