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We are living the values we want to see. 

Our offerings are essentially gifts. They have cosmic value beyond any monetary price and thus do not have a set "price". Most of our work is given freely by chance encounters with the direct frequency of our vessel. 

And yet we still are HERE NOW with certain capital considerations and so we have created a space and strategy wherein we can receive and give sans boundaries. 

If the call is to return some energy to this frequency to nurture and sustain our galactic mission, we thank you and invite you deeper into our network. 

Our Channels

As steward of this frequency, we have an interrelated history and energy on these interwebs as MABFIRE. 






proton - mail

we accept gifts in the following places: 




We also encourage gifting of crypto currency, we are currently set up to easily accept ETH via our mabfire.eth wallet. 

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